Rep. Omar (D-MN) & Her Donor List: A “Who’s Who” In The Brotherhood Mafia; 2nd LARGEST Donor, Hamas-Aligned Felon! What Will It Take To Handcuff Her? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Scales of justice and gavel on sounding block, object and law book to working with judge

WHEN it comes to “lady justice”, there are none so blind as those who attach themselves – above all else – to a pre-conceived political outcome, regardless of the catastrophic costs to the nation. Even more so, demonstrably, today’s Dem-socialist party and the corporate media complex, its echo chamber – and, yes, there is an overwhelming abundance of material evidence to support said truth-telling charges – is inextricably wedded to fascist policies under the guise of “progressive justice.”

MORE specifically, Capitol Hill’s dog whistlers stir the cauldron via the following Pavlovian trigger points, of course, with the reflexive assistance of the media and assorted helpmates: identity politics ala – so-called – intersectionality, that is, a manufactured grievance/victim-hood industry and the litmus test for all of their calls to action. Inexorably, masked beneath it all is their collective anti-American hatred – the main common denominator that binds and defines them…

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