Now for Something Really Important


You guys ready for a break? Yeah, me too. I can’t say I’m tired of winning, but it is time to look around, as I suspect the President is preparing the counterattack. It will be Yuge, I think.

But back home in Indiana, it is basketball day. Now that’s important! There will be four high school games televised by Fox Indiana from the storied Memorial Gymnasium in Kokomo. The Girl’s sectionals are underway, in fact, there are 27 hours of basketball scheduled on TV. Tonight the Pacers play and honor the most remembered team (even if they changed the name). Yep, its a Hickory game, where the pacers show up in uniforms from the movie Hoosiers, Based on the true story of the 1952 Milan team that won it all. And to top all that off the Pacers have two very special guests coming in: Gene Keady, legendary coach of…

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