Mitt Romney and Idolatry


Yesterday, in comments, Audre said this:

In the same vein, I’d like to mention Mitt Romney. I watched (please, just shoot me …) all the Senator statements after the closing arguments of the trial. I was impressed on the occasions when Ds stepped outside the Schiff playbook and related the difficulty they had in having to make this decision. I felt they were sharing the real struggle for ‘unbiased justice’ they were called to perform. Several Rs also shared their difficulty in trying to do the right thing. When Mitt made his statement, I have to admit I was moved; he was briefly overcome (tears almost) as he related that he is devoutly religious and that his religion and his belief in God mean the most to him. So he voted guilty in Article One.

Well, I love and admire Audre, as we all know, but sometimes she is…

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