Desire Character Before Healing

The Mad Jewess

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If you are a child of God and you understand that you have a ‘calling’ on your life, you WILL suffer much tribulation…

This is a hard one to write about because I have been afflicted many, many times. 3 major stomach surgeries with 87 stitches. 2X, gastroenteritis at 4 years old which I almost died from, ear surgery, throat surgery, C Diff, a long visit to the hospital with depression, ruptured discs in my neck and back, etc.  I could go on and on.

One time in 1993, a friend of mine asked me to come over to her house and pray for her son.  I was ALWAYS praying for her son.  At that time, the disc in my back caused so much pain, it was unreal.  After praying for her son… I told Kris: “You can see I can’t even walk. Can you please pray for me?”  …

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