Open Post To President Trump:

The Mad Jewess

President Trump:

What I don’t understand about this whole farce of an impeachment is your reluctance to reveal why you would not send aid to Ukraine.  I know why because I blogged about the Ukraine regime change from the get-go:

The fact is: Under former President Obama, our government armed Nazis in Ukraine.  Why you have left this in the dark is beyond me.  You have enough ammunition to bury the radical, treacherous Democrats, yet you don’t.  

I, as an American grow weary from the complete lack of justice in your administration. Democrats AND many in the GOP have gotten a complete pass from you.  How long are you going to wait before you reveal these turncoats?  Justice is past time.  Hiding from the public how OUR government armed Nazis in Ukraine is repulsive.  Its past time to tell the truth.  Stop the impeachment farce, get…

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