The DJT #Impeachment Story Nobody Gives A Damn About

The Mad Jewess

It’s true.  

Nobody is really watching this scam.  Honestly, its just boring TV.. The Communist-Crat party has continually ranted on and on about impeaching Trump for the last 2 years.  Its the modern day “Peter and the Wolf”, except there is no ‘big bad’ wolf with the exception of the Democrat party and their GOP cohorts. 

Trump has done nothing that warrants impeachment.  Nothing.  The Communist-Crat party has taken this nation apart for the last 40 years and now people see how they really are.  Most Americans are against this Soap opera drama ‘impeachment’.    A majority of people hate Hillary Clinton and most are none too fond of Bernie Stalin.  The D party has no real candidate that is viable.
The Dems are just a dying party because people are tired of spreading their wealth, sick of the D party’s bigotry against white Americans and Christians, the Dem…

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