Enemies Within: Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch (Video)

Enemies Within: Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch

Sharia Crime Stoppers

Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents: Robert Spencer – Latest Release, The Palestinian Delusion, Israel, Terrorists in America Robert Spencer talks to us about his website, the articles posted, and his recent book. No such thing as “Palestinians” and their claim of “stolen land”. Hear Roberts strategy on what is needed to bring peace to Israel with the Arabs. BUT… “peace” is NOT in their history and it has NOTHING to do with politics! Listen to Robert’s in-depth knowledge of the history of Islam, it’s threats to western civilization, and what we MUST do to keep our Constitutional Republic! Please HELP us continue our work: Donations: https://www.theunitedwest.org/donate/ We appreciate any support you can provide. Thank you! How to find more about us: \

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