Hey #DEMOCRATS: Why The Hell Should #TRUMP Send #Ukraine’s Govt Nazis US Tax $?

The Mad Jewess

Today, the Communist-Crat party says that it was ‘illegal’ for Trump to NOT send the Ukrainian Nazi’s our tax dollars.   Why are they so hung up on this?  You’d think they would not support Nazi-ism with all their crying about *us* being “Nazi”.    The Left has NO problem with ‘calling out’ Nazis in America, all 652 of them.    But, they have a YUGE problem when you ‘call them out’ for supplying them the Nazi’s arms.  They have a YUGE problem with Trump not giving the Junta in Ukraine OUR tax dollars.

Leftists are Totalitarian, Commie, Nazi, Islamic-Jihadist and thoroughly disgusting.  They call *us* Nazis as they arm and aid real Nazi’s.  Liars. Hypocrites.

Its all over the…

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