Soleimani’s (Blessed) Elimination Awakens “Sleeper Cells”: Americans Forewarned. Be Prepared! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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CARDS ON THE TABLE: once the blessed, yes, blessed, news broke that Soleimani was dispatched to Allah’s hell-hole, imagine, if you will, the immediate reaction from this counter-jihadist and investigative journalist. Yes, some revelry ensued. So much so, even “Doc”, the ever genteel partner of yours truly, joined in the hooting and hollering. Oh, what joy!

NATURALLY, the “elimination” of this or that arch jihadi terrorist is always cause for celebration, that is, if saving {emphasis added} lives is the goal – never mind the left’s jibber-jabber that the discharge of a blood-soaked, arch enemy amounts to an “unlawful assassination.” Hogwash. Anti-American. Nonsense. Poppycock, too.

Despite Soleimani’s bloody record, the drone strike that killed him, carried out at the direction of President Trump, has been bitterly denounced by Democrat office holders and their wholly-owned mainstream media subsidiary. To hear them tell it, by authorizing the killing of  Soleimani…

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