Sanhedria, Jerusalem (Still) Plagued By Pedophile Ring = Nachlaot, Jerusalem Redux: Political/Legal “Protectzia” Shields POWERFUL Perpetrators! What’s Going On? PART 1 – Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

ONE doesn’t have to care a whit about the sacredness of Jerusalem, a.k.a. Zion, to recognize that pedophiles, wherever they exist, are the vilest of the vile. For heavens sake, even among the most hardened prisoners, they are considered the lowliest of scum. Less than dirt.

“Chomo” is prison slang for a child molester and, inmates and officers often claim, they are at the absolute bottom of the implied prison hierarchy.

“Chomos are definitely bottom, then snitches are targeted after them. Drug dealers, white-collar, common folk,” the former inmate said. “Bureau of Prisons (BOP) talks a good game, but you won’t ever provide a safe haven for a chomo in custody.”

BUT before the very serious charges at hand move forward, know this: aside from open source material available to all, this investigative journalist has more than a few law enforcement and relevant sources (in Israel and the U.S.) on tap…

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