NYC Religious, Jewish People: LEARN SELF DEFENSE Against Those Black Schmucks

The Mad Jewess

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Some Jew hating black schmucks (black Israelite idiots) in NYC are on a ‘beat the religious Jews’ rampage.

Anyone who knows me understands I have a very soft spot for Orthodox Jews. (NOT the Schumer/Schiff types)  I have talked to quite a few Orthodox Jews over the years and the elderly religious Jews always seem to have pearls of wisdom that I really appreciate.  Its not that I don’t ‘like’ secular Jews.  Many are just moderate to Conservative who I personally know up here in the boonies. I have been to the Synagogue up here on quite a few occasions.   Mel, (our writer) is a butterfly Jewish man who sees horrible crimes taking place and I admire his courage to write about these experiences here.

However, that being said.. One thing that many religious Jews do not seem to practice in wide-span numbers is self defense.  

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