The Death Of The West Via Far-Left Millennials,The ”ME-TOO/WOKE” Generation: The Socialist Charge. The Jihadi Beneficiaries! What’s To Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

THERE is an overwhelming volume of evidence to support the following charge: a cross-section of U.S. politicians and self-appointed elitists from the so-called baby-boomer generation (some were born before the demarcating birth range, 1946-1964, but no matter), egged along by a like-minded, much younger militant crew, a.k.a. millennials, are hell-bent on turning what used to be a liberal democracy (actually, a Constitutional Republic….but let’s not quibble) into a socialist/Marxist/communist combo nation. Indeed, their Euro comrades are fellow travelers, as are their counterparts in Canada, Australia, et al.

TO wit, let’s just explore how far down the (western) rabbit hole Finland’s leadership – yes, Finland, of all places – have fallen. For if they are not a prima facie exhibit of the dangerous trajectory posed by multi-culti obsessed, far-left, socialist-driven millennials, nothing else qualifies. Nothing. By extrapolation, the following civilizational disaster (on steroids) is what lies in wait for America, that…

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