The Mad Jewess

Authored by David Ben Moshe:

President Trump signed a new executive order making it illegal to harass Jews on a college campus.   Most Americans that follow the news, but not in heavy detail, think his new law is designed to protect Jews all over the country.

It doesn’t do exactly that, but never the less:  no group, anywhere in this country, should have special laws just for them. Physically attacking someone, anyone, anyplace in the U.S. is already against the law and that should be enough.

Now that college Jews have become a ‘special’ protected class, it will create more anti Semitism than already exists and that anti Semitism has been on the rise for years.

Do Jews ever reflect on what is causing this rise in Jew hatred?

Of course, with Muslims now in significant numbers, that was to be expected, but that is just the tip…

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