England Turns Blue and That’s a Good Thing


Britain voted yesterday, and I’d say the people know what they want. They want a rational government and they want Brexit. Like our cities, there are a lot of people who always vote Labour, just as their grandfather did, but there were a lot fewer of them yesterday.

This is the map from the Brexit referendum. You might notice how closely it tracks with the Tory’s victories yesterday. There were other issues, of course, including the full-on communist-terrorist bent of Jeremy Corbyn (who I read has resigned from the chairmanship) at the head of the Labour party. They were just as self-destructive as our Democrats look to be, which probably provided an excuse for some of those traditional Labourites. That doesn’t mean that Brexit is clear sailing now. The Tories have been sending (at best) mixed signals since before the referendum. You may remember that the Scottish Conservative Party workers…

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