De Blasio, NYC’s Commie Mayor, Fails To Stem Anti-Semitic Attacks, Yet, Feigns Outrage After Jersey City’s Targeted Attack: The Proofs & Truth. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

LET’s be perfectly blunt: most politicians – akin to the lying, leftist mouthpieces in the establishment media, as well as fellow-traveling elitists in academia – are loathe to admit: yes, we screwed up, mea culpa! What’s so hard about that? But never mind, said admission is as rare as a blue moon – that rare.

AS such, it is along this bold-faced, lying trajectory that Commie De Blasio (in tow with like-minded crew), inadvertently, proves that “actions speak louder than (pithy) words” – all his sanctimony notwithstanding, while he surrounds himself with sundry communal Jewish leaders!

NYC Mayor de Blasio calls Jersey City shootout an “act of terror,” steps up security

New York…

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