Tired of hearing of Moslems whining, see below.

Originally posted 12/18/2009 on our original site. Nothing has changed, in fact nothing has changed in 1400 years. Ban Islam.


Tired of hearing of muslims whining, see below.

The Frightening Rise Of Christian Persecution: Christians Around The World Are Being Shot, Burned, Hanged, Tortured And Stuffed Into Metal Shipping Containers

There is a widely quoted statistic that more Christians died for their faith in the 20th century than in the 19 centuries leading up to it.  But as bad as the 20th century was, the 21st century is starting to make that look like a Sunday picnic.  In every corner of the globe, Christians are being shot, burned, hanged, tortured and even stuffed into metal shipping containers.  Christian clergy are being marked for assassination around the world, hundreds of churches are being burned to the ground along with scores of homes and businesses owned by Christians.  Dozens of nations across the globe have now passed strict anti-conversion laws in an attempt to stifle the spread of Christianity.  In the countries where Christians are not yet facing physical persecution, they still must deal with open discrimination, lawsuits and increasing ridicule.  Christianity is now the most hated and most persecuted religion on the plant.  The reality is that the words that Jesus spoke in John 15:18 ring truer today than ever: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

Keep those words in mind as you read the following shocking reports of Christian persecution from all over the world….  Hit the link at the top of this post for these reports, then visit the rest of the site.

Christians are being persecuted worldwide

This was my first visit to the site The End of the World (this is not the end of the world – this is just the end of the world as we know it). It contains much information and is well worth a visit. The above report tells of horrific persecution of Christians in China, Eritrea, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and more. The tentacles of anti Christianity are steadily creeping through Europe and into the United States. We must be as aware of what is happening on this issue as we are in the war on world wide terrorism as the seem to be somewhat relevant to each other. Where is the media on reporting this. To busy reporting on muslim whining about unfairly being treated?

Barack Obama Mocks And Makes Fun Of The Bible—No Christian Would Do This

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