Islamo-Fascists Won’t Negotiate

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What do Mohammed Sadique Khan, Ajmal Amir Kasab and Omar al-Bashir have in common?

It’s not race, socio-economic status, geography or politics. Khan was a middle class British primary school teacher. Kasab is an impoverished Punjabi day laborer, and Bashir is Sudan’s president. What they have in common is that they’ve all committed horrendous acts of terrorism and justified their actions by claiming that their Muslim faith required them to act in the manner they did. Source

The site where that article appeared has a lot of insightful posts into radical Islam. Click the link. No need to expound on the pictures, they speak louder than words. We are at war with radical Islam, like it or not. No amount of silence by Muslims on this issue will diminish the issue. No amount of pandering by politicians and the media will make us safer. Obama wants to sit down and…

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