I live in Nebraska and sometimes dream of moving back to Indiana. But my heritage is the upper midwest, where I feel at home from western Minnesota to the Continental Divide, usually within about a hundred miles of the Canadian border. My family is from northern North Dakota, and my dad told stories of marching in the Canada Day parade in Fort Garry (Winnepeg now). Pretty much all my life I’ve known Canadians, and you know, it’s really hard to tell them from Americans eh.

Maybe that’s why this story struck me.  Canada is having the same battle we are, between the takers, mostly on the coasts, and the makers, in the heartland, only more so than we are. Brandon J. Weichert writes in American Greatness

Canada is a huge country geographically—the world’s second-largest behind Russia—but it’s internally disconnected and highly integrated with its American neighbor. Since vast swaths…

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