Years of Lightning, Day of Drums


Fifty-six years ago this weekend the world stopped, as an American president was buried. Yes, really, it nearly did. I was ten years old and the muffled drums from that weekend still echo in my soul. Not because he was President Kennedy, a democrat and a son of Irish immigrants. But because he was the president of all Americans and the leader of the free world in a dark time, but he never let the dark times overshadow his vigor, his youth, and yes, his love of freedom.

As I’ve grown up and grown older I’ve come to know that he was hardly a perfect man or leader. He had many faults.  So what, we all do. In many ways he epitomized the America we long for today.

We buried him on Robert E. Lee’s plantation equidistant from the memorials of Washington and Lincoln the two great liberators of American…

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