Great Pictures From Fabulous #Palestine, Circa 1870’s

The Mad Jewess

I found vintage photos from the great country of “Palestine”, only, the photos are filled with Jews at the wall praying, not Moslems:

301 Moved PermanentlyThis one shows the wonderful, vacant Al Aqsa mosque circa 1875 with no Muslims or what today they call, “Palestinians”

Image result for felix bonfils palestineHere we have Birket, Israel in late 1800’s with NO “Palestinian” Moslems.  In fact, it is deserted:

755px-Birket_Israel,_19th_centuryNo “Palestinians” here either:

Where ARE all those Palestinians, the proclaimed one million of them who lived in Israel before they were ‘displaced’?


Nowhere, because they never existed.

Image result for mark twain, israel quotesBELOW–These Moslem, Nazi Commie freaks are protesting nothing because “Palestine” never existed.

Anti-Israel protest at York University turns violent

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