McRaven and Vindman


Does the eagle on your button, and perhaps the crossed muskets on your lapel make you a hero? How about a chest full of fruit salad? For many Americans it does, and for most of us, it weights the scales. Maybe it shouldn’t. Bookworm on Lt Colonel Vindman and Admiral McRaven:

[…] I suggested in my post that those who survived the purge might be unlike America’s past military officers. Very unlike.

As my examples, I looked at three recent pronouncements from retired officers. The first was Admiral McRaven, who was in charge when special forces killed bin Laden. Although bin Laden masterminded the gruesome, terrifying mass murder of 2,996 people on American soil, McRaven made sure that bin Laden had a respectful Muslim funeral service at sea.

McRaven recently wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post, in which spent paragraphs boasting about the military and his military affiliations…

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