Don Cherry and the Mob, Canadian Style


Have you seen this picture? It’s been circulating around Canada in particular.

I have no particular problem with the sentiment, but there is a problem. That is a Red Army soldier carrying a PPSh-41 submachine gun, and as such he definitely was not at the Normandy invasion. He might have been at the suppression of the Hungarian people in 1956, or he may have fought bravely in World War II but he was not at Normandy. That was the British, Americans, Canadians, Polish, and Australians.

The Allies which did include the Soviet Union went on to unconditional victory, destroying Nazi Germany in April of 1945, thereby freeing (as it turned out) half a continent, the other half would be freed in 1989 when the Soviet Union fell. Again because of the Americans, British, Canadians, and Poles. That’s history, which many of us lived.

Don Cherry, a Canadian hockey commentator, recently…

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