Bundy sues – “Cruel and unusual treatment” (solitary confinement) over property rights to mineral rich ranch – UraniumONE mineral assets is why the administration sought to nullify the right to property

Politics, Religion, and Family

minerals and uranium

UraniumOne will tie in to this – the Bundy ranch is sitting on minerals that foreign countries are seeking to exploit – they include but are not limited to Russia, China, Canada, Britain and Italy – these rat lines are extensive

The suit may expose this through discovery process and Bundy is aware of the Russian Uranium transfer.  There is more to the story and it involves many.  There will also be a Canada company and probably more than one involved.

To hold a man of this age in solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment.  And if one recalls, there was a person killed.

Rancher Cliven Bundy Sues President Obama, Harry Reid Over ‘Cruel’ Treatment

Image: Cliven Bundy

In a Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016 file photo, rancher Cliven Bundy speaks to media while standing along the road near his ranch, in Bunkerville, Nev.John Locher / AP file

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