Christians and Obama’s precious Arab Spring. Posted on 10, 26, 11 by boudicabpi

Christians and Obama’s precious Arab Spring.

Via the Jerusalem Post

May Obama and all the other fucked up western leaders, academics and news outlets who praised the slipping of these overturned countries into an Islamic cesspool rot in hell. Christians, don’t hold your breath waiting for humanitarian help from this tribe of douche bags, you’ll be dead first..

Where have all the Christians gone?

10/25/2011 17:21   By ELWOOD MCQUAID

Christians are being killed by radical Islamists because of their beliefs. Why then, while the world celebrates revolution in the Arab world, are we standing silently while these atrocities are taking place in these democratically-liberated lands?

Egyptian Christians protest
Photo by: REUTERS

Israel has long been like the canary in the mineshaft. If the canary succumbs to the odorless, lethal gases of the depths below, the miners know it’s time to get out of the mine. Anti-Semitic militancy, like the canary in the mine, warns the rest of the world of what lies ahead. Now, however, there is strong evidence that there are two types of “canaries” in the mine. Long-suffering Christians in the Middle East are being ravaged by merciless assaults that threaten their very existence.

Liberal elitists in Western politics, academia, and the news media collectively swooned when the mobs in Cairo’s Tahrir Square swept Western ally, Hosni Mubarak, out of the Egyptian presidency and into a prison cell to await trial. In the minds of so-called progressives, the “Arab Spring” was precisely the balm of freedom for which the downtrodden had long been yearning. Democratic reforms were supposedly around the corner, swinging everyone into an era of prosperous camaraderie. That’s how delusional Western leaders saw things.

They were wrong again. Read more…

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