Maduro’s Ties To Hizbullah, Iran’s Cat’s Paw: The Geo Blow-Back, The Catastrophic Knock-On Effects To America! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

ANYONE who follows politics in general and geo-politics in specific, yet still insists that the red-green alliance is little more than a conspiracy theory, well, they belong to one of two camps: the clueless or the mendacious. Pick a door. 

IN fact, ‘Exhibit Number One’ (among a laundry list of others) to the aforementioned nexus is Barack HUSSEIN Obama; yes, a Marxist-Islamist hybrid. Full-bore.

Image result for pics of transformation of america

AND it is precisely due to the totalitarian underpinnings of the two ideologies – in tandem with their unquenchable hatred of the west – that reds and greens are strategic bedfellows. As such, they complement, augment, back-bench, and lend each other material and ‘moral’ support. 

ENTER: Venezuela’s strongman of the (dominant) United Socialist Party, Maduro!

IN this regard, prior to zeroing in on the precipitous dangers – that is, if, heaven forfend, “AOC + 3” are given free rein to work in tandem with…

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