Leftist Americans & Their Ape-Like Israeli Counterparts: Their Utopian Dreams, An Ever-Lurking National Nightmare! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

WITHIN the fascist-left – mind you, there is little progressive about them, that is, if said definition doesn’t include regression via strong-arm, mob-like tactics, most perniciously, as they storm through the (mis)educational system – you know, the “do as we say, or we will destroy each and everyone one of you” collective of rage-mongers, lies a grouping of anti-freedom agitators with two main contingents, both of which must be understood for the symbiotic parts they play. In other words, like oxygen, one can’t survive without the other – even though one segment is subservient and should be deemed akin to useful idiots. Harsh, but no less true. After all, this is not the time to pussyfoot around.

IT is into this sea of insanity that the ever-hysterical left in Israel (approximately 3% of the majority Jewish population) finds its mirror image. Often taking their cues and banding together with leftist…

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