Schools sued for Math – turns around and sues the parent – FedEd is suing by proxy an individual – First Amendment?

Politics, Religion, and Family

A courageous parent fighting back

ONE individual going up against ONE company that is a PROXY governmental organization.  When a company is operating as a contractor for the FEDERAL Government, FED EDucation, is GOVERNMENT.

FedEd is suing by proxy an individual

Wake parent sued for criticizing school math program says First Amendment is at stake

Blain Dillard asks the Wake County school board at its July 16, 2019 meeting to stop using the MVP Math curriculum. MVP’s maker has filed a lawsuit accusing Dillard of making false statements about the program. 

A parent being sued over his opposition to Wake County’s high school math curriculum charges in new legal documents that the defamation lawsuit is an attempt to chill free speech rights.

The Mathematics Vision Project filed a lawsuit in July in a Utah state court accusing Blain…

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