Trump nationalists become targets for FBI UNEQUAL treatment under the law

Politics, Religion, and Family

The good people in these agencies MUST stand up and be the righteous people that they swore and oath to.  The swore to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights allow for descent.

They should also be aware that people will start to rise against them, if they loose faith in the authority.  This is rife with problems and has the potential to give rise to a civil war.


But we are not receiving EQUAL justice.  America is better than this!

FBI uses ‘red flag’ law to seize weapons from former Marine who threatened to ‘slaughter’ antifa

The FBI exercised Oregon’s new “red flag” law to confiscate firearms from a former Marine who allegedly said he would “slaughter” antifa protesters at a demonstration in Portland earlier this month, according to the Oregonian.

In July, Shane Kohfield threatened…

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