The “Corbynization” Of The Democratic Party In Plain View: “AOC” + 3 Leading The Way! Wherein Lies The Precipice? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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FOR too many decades, the name Jeremy Corbyn has been synonymous with the morphing of far-left, revolutionary politics and its intersection with Islamic jihad. Yes, he is now its 70-year old “posterboy.” This is especially so within Britain, but it is also the case throughout Europe and the west at large, too. Indeed, for reasons that will soon become manifestly apparent, Middle East dictators and strongmen, in tandem with terrorist leaders, are all too familiar with the aforementioned western-hating parasite. Their hero. Inextricably, they have every reason to idolize him – and they do!

EVEN more so, the very fact that the Leader of the Labour Party and Head of the Opposition within British Parliament openly trucks with Islamic jihadis attests to the ease in which (what is known as) the “red-green alliance” cooperates and aligns its main co-joined interest, that is, the destruction of the west.

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