Liars & Thieves


Liars And Thieves

I Just Discover This Band Looking For An Old Clash Song And Ending With This One.

At First..Ach ..Again Some Dark Metal Straight From Hell. But I Did Give It A Chance, Kind Of Rather Than Going Deep In, It Was Going Up, Like Pouring All My Rage Accumulated Those Last Few Weeks. And It Did The Trick. So I Check The Band And It Was A « Christian » Band !

Liars And Thieves.. Oh Gosh I Liked It ! Heretic You May Say… I Know…I Know..

Suicide Does Not End The Chances

Of Life Getting Worst. Suicide Eliminate

The Possibility Of It Ever Getting Better

Maelstrom :

The heat burned the past into these concrete walls. Fragmented to dust that is grinding my teeth. There is no cure for a colorless mind, and I am dreaming grey This is no home anymore. No walls left to…

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