How God created Virginia

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God was missing for six days. On the seventh day, Michael, the archangel, found him – resting. He inquired, “Where have you been?”

God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds. “Look, Michael. Look what I have made.”

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, “What is it?”

“It’s a planet” replied God, “and I’ve put life on it.  I’m going to call it Earth, and it’s going to be a place to test Balance.”

“Balance?” inquired Michael, “I’m confused.”

God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth.  “For example,” he said, ”Northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while Southern Europe is going to be poor.  Over here I’ve placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people.  Balance in all things.”

God continued pointing to different countries.  “This one will be extremely hot, while this one will…

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