ILLEGALS “Importing” Ebola, TB, & Assorted Communicable Diseases – Bankrolled To Boot! The Fore-Warnings. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

DEAR reader – and those who are not so dear, you know who you are! – the heavy-lifting done by thisinvestigative journalist (at this site and elsewhere) is indisputable, come what may. By now, this should be self-evident, regardless of one’s ideological and political bent. 

RESULTANT, it should come as no surprise that this site zeroed in on a looming health – in turn, security – crisis in 2014, that is, if the flow of illegals into the U.S. (the west at large) from Ebola, TB, and communicable diseaseriddennations isn’t halted, forthwith. This is atop the easy entry given to “visitors” and legal immigrants from the very same contaminated corners of the globe. Besides, since when is it a crime to put the health and welfare of one’s citizens before, and above, all others? Never and never.

AS reported in 2014 within “ObamaOrdersLapdog

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