Control the Past, Control the Future


We seem to have somewhat inadvertently developed a theme of sorts this week. which suits me. I agree with every word, and you guys appear to like it as well, so let’s go with the flow.

Victor Davis Hanson took a look around and reminds us that George Orwell was correct. That is why the screeching and increasingly violent left is reacting so badly. He wrote about it in American Greatness. Let’s take a look.

The summer season has ripped off the thin scab that covered an American wound, revealing a festering disagreement about the nature and origins of the United States.

The San Francisco Board of Education recently voted to paint over, and thus destroy, a 1,600-square-foot mural of George Washington’s life in San Francisco’s George Washington High School.

Victor Arnautoff, a communist Russian-American artist and Stanford University art professor, had painted “Life of Washington” in 1936, commissioned…

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