Meanwhile, in Hong Kong


Are you looking around the world, and seeing a lot of darkness. Lots of subversive activity, not to mention Antifa, in America, Tommy again is a dangerous prison, for acting like a free man in Britain, Brexit still in bollox land, South Africa all but a free fire zone on whites, none of it too pretty.

But then there is Hong Kong. A lost colony that the British, back when they were law-abiding, followed the law, giving it back to China, while getting the best deal they could, which wasn’t that great, but they tried.

My computer screen got a little dusty as I watched the Union flag come down, and I doubt I was alone even in America. Many of my Navy friends had happy memories of Hong Kong. Well, in the past, but as we say Pepperidge Farm remembers.

But as we watch the demonstration there, we recall…

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