Our Tech Overlords.


Melissa Mackenzie in yesterday’s American Spectator had a few things to say about our evil tech overlords. As will not surprise you, it was not favorable. The worst story is Google so let’s start there.

First, Project Veritas. Project Veritas is the investigative organization started by James O’Keefe and helped along with the late Andrew Breitbart. James has broken multiple dramatic stories recently, but his Google story is the most concerning, yet — if only because the pervasive implications and sheer massive influence of Google.

Working undercover, the Veritas journalist exposes the Head of Responsible Innovation for Google, Jen Gennai. Even her title is Orwellian. Gennai decried the results of the 2016 election and so Google decided to change their Artificial Intelligence algorithm that determines what a reader might be interested in reading or, in the case of YouTube, watching.

What that means is this: If an American Spectator 

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