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Liberal/ Democrats hypocrisy #Boudica_Bpi

  Boudica Bpi‏ @Boudicabpi Liberal/ Democrats hypocrisy #Boudica_Bpi

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Charity? #Boudica_Bpi

  Boudica Bpi‏ @Boudicabpi Charity? #Boudica_Bpi

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The Spirit of Death vs the Spirit of Life

Originally posted on TEANewYork:
by Sulaf Aragain – May 10, 2019 It’s difficult to fully grasp the spirit of violent death, devastation and despair, strong enough to command a following, summon and demand an army carry out its plague of…

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Radical Islam’s War Against the West – HD Version

Originally posted on swissdefenceleague:
You Really Want To See Hate, Speechless Hate, It Is All In The Book, It Is All Happening… ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkmkIPvdMIw ? ? Clarion Project ? ? ?

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A Woman’s Place

nebraskaenergyobserver My friend Brandon Christensen over at Notes on Liberty each night publishes a few links under the title Nightcap. I often enjoy them and sometimes they form the basis of a post here. Two of them connect into today’s. … Continue reading

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Britain, America, and now Australia

nebraskaenergyobserver So, the Australians, like the British, and the Americans, confound the polls and disappoint the pollsters and the left (redundancy alert, mostly). Why does this keep happening, and what lessons can we take from its recurrence? David Catron in … Continue reading

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