Wells Fargo- A Sinaloa cartel bank and Clinton received major funds from them- fishy?

Politics, Religion, and Family

How far back does this go?

Sinaloa?  was before, after, or as a result of Clinton/Obama

In 2016 – the Clintons looked in to Well Fargo and Hillary called them a CARTEL– what did she and O find out?

Why was nothing done then?  Or did they USE that knowledge to their own benefit?  After all – gun running has to have a laundry agent.  Was Wells Fargo in on the Fast AND Furious debacle?  Or did she merely shake them down for contributions?

——> see below 

Wells Fargo Banker Pleads Guilty To Helping Launder Millions For Sinaloa Cartel

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A 30-year-old Wells Fargo personal banker pleaded guilty on Thursday to knowingly opening bank accounts for people working with the Sinaloa cartel for money laundering purposes.

Seized money from the Sinaloa cartel, September 18, 2008. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

Luis Figueroa of Tijuana admitted to the…

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