Orbán in Washington


Victor Orbán was at the White House yesterday meeting with the President, on the 20th anniversary of Hungary’s membership of NATO. He has the reputation of a bad boy in Europe. Is it justified? Let’s look.

Richard M. Reinsch II writing in Law and Liberty tells us about how Orbán has reinjected politics into the cool managerial EU.

Whatever geopolitical issues will be discussed, the meeting will be covered as a summit of populist leaders who consistently besmirch the values of post-1968 America and Europe. Nothing good can come from those two talking to each other. Those values in Europe have largely become the unquestionable system of individualism, egalitarianism, secularism, and multiculturalism, secured by rule-of-law governance directives from European Union bodies in Brussels. I use the term governance because the rules handed down by Brussels can claim only the patina of democratic legitimacy. It’s not government achieved by politics in…

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