Comes the Hour, Comes the (New) Party


One of the things I’ve been doing while taking some time off here, has been talking with and encouraging my British friends, as they watch their government and the Westmonster version of the swamp attempt to deprive Britain of nothing less than their sovereignty. It is, truthfully, far more than what prompted our founders to revolt in 1776.

As near as I can tell, the British are perhaps more angry than they ever were at Hitler, both at the EU, and even more at their own government. They have every right to be, if ours tried this on, there would be armed citizens in the street. For some reason, BBC4 aired this last week. It’s rather inexplicable since the BBC is even more a fake news channel for the government and the EU than CNN. But they did, and I could feel the anger over here.

There is a second…

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