Europe is burying its head in the sand via Israel Hayom

Prof. Eyal Zisser

Eyal Zisser is a lecturer in the Middle East History Department at Tel Aviv University.

Europe is burying its head in the sand

Due to their desire to maintain political correctness, European governments have failed to stand in defense of Christian communities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, just to avoid drawing fire and being perceived as enemies of Islam.

The jihadist war being waged by radical Islamist groups across the globe never stopped at the gates of holy sites and places of worship. Indeed, even those who worship in these places have become legitimate and convenient targets for the jihadists in the Middle East, Africa and Asia – as we learned from the recent massacre in Sri Lanka – and in recent years in Europe as well.

Communities of minorities, mostly Christians, are persecuted in large portions of the Islamic world, and the tolerance once applied toward Jews and Christians has now been replaced by extremism threatening the continued existence of Christianity in these places. Seventy years removed since the end of Jewish life in Iraq and Syria due to persecutions and expulsions, the Middle East’s Christian community is now disappearing.

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