Assoc. Sup. Ct. Justice Clarence Thomas Featured Speaker @ Peredine’s 46th Annual School of Law Dinner (2019)

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If like myself, you feel the need to separate yourself from the noise for a bit, how about checking out a conversation between Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Brittney Lane Kubisch, a Pepperdine Law alumna who once clerked for Thomas and James A. Gash, President-elect of Pepperdine University.

Justice Thomas was the this year’s featured speaker earlier this month at Pepperdine’s 46th Annual School of Law Dinner (2019).

Published on YouTube Apr 4, 2019 by Pepperdine Law
Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court of the United States; his former clerk, Pepperdine Law alumna Brittney Lane Kubisch; and Pepperdine University President-elect James A. Gash join in conversation to share their unique career experiences and offer their extraordinary insight into how Pepperdine graduates can continue to thrive as advocates and peacemakers who will advance the rights and liberties of people around the world.

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