Lesbian cafe charging 18% man tax goes out of business

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Images: Handsome Her Cafe photo - Source: Handsome Her (Facebook); going out of business sign (Pixabay) Credits below**

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

A blatantly bigoted lesbian-owned, vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia charged an 18% “man tax.” The ‘Handsome Her’ cafe folded after less than two years in business.

The restaurant made headlines in 2017 when it announced rules giving preferred seating to its female customers and charging an 18% premium for men to “protest the gender pay gap.”

Men and women didn’t like it and they were pilloried by everyone. Their bigotry was based on an illogical gender penalty.

The owner hasn’t learned a thing from the experience. The ideologue who owns the place, Alex O’Brien, a feminist activist, said the backlash that her “man tax” caused underscores why lesbians must “dismantle the patriarchy.”

She claims they were making enough money and there were plenty of customers. O’Brien says she just doesn’t want to own a cafe any longer.

The soon-to-be former owner really seems…

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