Welcome to America – the stinktuary city

Politics, Religion, and Family

Every Sanctuary City has a homeless problem.  The city “leaders” drive in these wrenches to “their” cities, where they don’t live, to get FUNDING that they then use for anything else.  There is NO accountability.  In Austin TX – the city counsel is so afraid of an audit that they put it up for a vote, but made it sound like if one voted to audit, then the audit would NOT take place.  It’s wording was contradictory to what it was.  The cities have absolutely run amok with theft.  Just plain THEFT.  They are so egregious in it that if one DARES to question, they are soundlessly called some name or other.  The whole thing STINKS.  We are swimming with the like of TAMMANY HALL in EVERY mid to large city.  WORSE than Tammany Hall was in most.  We are not unlike Venezuela, only 100X larger.  And you know what…

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