1885 Historic Treaty Tapestry, Battenberg/Mountbatten Family in Bulgaria, 1 of 7

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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Creating Modern State of Bulgaria under first Tsar, Alexander the First, of Battenberg (Germany)

       1877 Treaty of San Stefano – 1884 Plovdiv Accords —-$9,700.00

There were reportedly seven (7) of these made in Vienna, to commemorate the breaking away of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke with the Treaty of San Stefano in 1877, ending the Russo-Turk War, which gained Bulgaria’s freedom from Turkey.

San Stefano split Bulgaria in two, giving the Bulgarians only the western half, but then, in 1884, with the Plovdiv Accords, the Battenbergs and Bulgaria took the remaining eastern half, making up the current state of Bulgaria.

Both events are commemorated on this tapestry, in Cyrillic.

The Battenbergs, Alexander the first Tsar of Bulgaria, was from a royal German house in Hesse, and were placed there by the major powers of Europe, in keeping with the terms of the San Stefano Treaty…

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