Brexit: Trump and Queen Anne


A lot of Americans are supporters of Brexit, not least because we see many parallels with America’s revolutionary struggle. From what he has said, I think President Trump does too.  He doesn’t say much, but how can he really, Obama got pretty seriously criticized for his “back of the queue” remark. Rightly of course. These countries are supposedly all our friends, but hey, this is Britain, the cousins. Of course, we care.

So what has he done? Walked very softly and offered the use of one of our biggest sticks, the US economy itself. He hasn’t, in so many words, offered the United Kingdom completely tariff-free trade with the US, but that is the import.

That is just about all we can do, other than offer moral support, and advice from one of the world’s best negotiators. That too has been done, only to be spurned, sometimes contemptuously.

Some of…

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