Energy Policy or non policy.

Posted Boudica BPI Weblog  April 28,2008 Liberals/democrats have not changed in their thinking.

Energy Policy or non policy.

A few excerpts. For the entire article click here.

WASHINGTON, May 8 — In 1977, the United States and Cuba signed a treaty that evenly divided the Florida Straits to preserve each country’s economic rights. They included access to vast underwater oil and gas fields on both sides of the line.

Now, with energy costs soaring, plans are under way to drill this year — but all on the Cuban side.

“This is the irony of ironies,” Charles T. Drevna, executive vice president of the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association, said of Cuba’s collaboration with China and India. “We have chosen to lock up our resources and stand by to be spectators while these two come in and benefit from things right in our own backyard.”

At a recent trade conference in Mexico City arranged by Mr. Jones, Cuban officials invited American oil companies to bid for the other leases on the Cuban side of the Florida Straits even though drilling in Cuban waters would violate the United States’ longstanding trade embargo against Cuba.

Any politician that opposes offshore drilling should be voted out of office. This is completely assanine as are the restrictions on drilling in Anwar and other regions within the continental Unites States. Rules and regulations must be tempered with a little common sense. Unfortunately there is a toll booth set up for politicians and bureaucrats that enter Washington and state capitals. The toll is common sense and so they enter office without any.

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