Once Upon a Time in America


So, I hear Boston won a football game. I missed it since I don’t watch TV hardly at all. Nor does it help that the NFL has seriously angered me with its lack of discipline and kowtowing to the left. So, I like many of you voted with my feet. Probably easier since I used to be a Bears fan, and it hasn’t been too exciting since 85, and this nonsense.

Yep, that was a fun year, only year I really became a fan of pro football. Got over it quick the next year though, when they couldn’t keep it together, and everybody started getting greedy. Happens, I guess. But I was disappointed, I thought they were better than that, and some of them, especially Peyton, was. Most were not.

So when the NFL and ESPN started theirdisrepectful nonsense a couple years ago, it wasn’t a hard decision to give…

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