The Internet and Satan’s Game by Bishop Robert Barren

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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

(If you like what Bishop Barren has said here, please go to the Catholic World Report, and give them and Bishop Barren an attaboy. He has provided an important link to understanding the structural phenomenon we’re encountering, which is the strategy, plowing the row, so to speak, of a new type of  authoritarian government through Gestapo tactics, as with the establishment of the Third Reich in the early days of Hitler, employed BEFORE their new kind of government is actually installed. Alinsky also had this in mind. This is not a Soviet-style strategy.

(A big difference, and it matters that we know in advance what sort of Evil we are confronting, for if it is to preempted, we have to launch the preemption ourselves. We cannot rely on government until we also plow the row.)

By now the entire country has seen a video of a supposedly racist confrontation…

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