Wrong MAGA Kid Was DOXXED & Threatened, Brother Speaks Out

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Sarah Noble has been following this insane news story where students of Covington Catholic School came under fire after being set up in a nasty smear campaign by Progressives, correction Regressives.

Believe it or not, the story continues to unfold in a way that one would expect adults to know better.  As if doxxing someone isn’t disgusting enough, intolerant Marxist loons doxxed an innocent child.  They mistook him for someone else.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

People rushed to judgment about some — as it happens, innocent, — Catholic school boys in MAGA hats who thought they were clapping to a friendly Native’s drumming over the weekend in D.C. It was a nothing burger, but the media and liberal/leftist mob, as usual, ripped into the kids, drumming up hate.


The social media haters doxxed the wrong kid. They claimed the ‘smirking’ boy was Michael Hodge…

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