Former Border Chief: MS-13 Laughs at How Easy It Is to Cross Illegally

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The world is laughing at us as they crash through, tunnel through, while others walk and/or swim across our borders.  It’s called an INVASION as admitted by former Obama administration Border Chief and FBI agent, Mark Morgan.  Oops!

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Obama’s former Border Chief and former FBI agent Mark Morgan, repeating a line from President Trump’s presidential campaign announcement in June 2015, said on Fox News last week that his agents were “apprehending and interdicting pedophiles, rapists, murderers, gang members every single day.”

“I’m outraged that we haven’t fixed this problem. I’m outraged,” Morgan told Fox News. “Who can say that this is a manufactured crisis? Anyone? Anyone left, right? I don’t care who it is — anyone that says this is a manufactured crisis, they are absolutely lying to the American people.”

He has appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show multiple times recently to discuss the president’s…

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